The year 2019 brought a significant increase in turnover and spending of the customers of Newbridge malls

The year 2019 brought a significant increase in turnover and spending of the customers of Newbridge malls

  • On February 11, 2020
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In 2019, all the three convenience centres in Newbridge portfolio recorded an increase in turnover per customer.  At Nowe Bielany the increase amounted to as much as 7.1%, while at Nowe Czyżyny nearly 6%.  The spending of Nowa Górna customers grew by over 4.7%.


Newbridge tenants have experienced increasing spending. To give an example, Nowe Bielany recorded both an increase in like-for-like (LfL) turnover and an increase in the shopping mall total turnover.  The latter was mainly influenced by new openings, including Optyka Kodano, home&you, Sunway Travel or the locally popular Bartkowski Bakery.  This translated into results in individual segments.  A very good year was recorded by fashion, footwear and health and beauty brands, showing the investment potential of the Toruń centre.  The year 2019 also brought positive results to the tenants representing the service and catering segment.


It was similar at Nowe Czyżyny.  Here too, an increase in like-for-like turnover was recorded, as well as an increase in total turnover.  The latter result is due to both the popularity of the brands present here for years and last year’s debuts such as Orsay, Pierre Cardin, home&you, Big Star or Nakielny cafe.  It is also reflected in the results of individual segments: fashion, equipment, services and catering establishments. Nowa Górna, on the other hand, increased its turnover in the service segment.

“We ended the year 2019 according to our expectations and assumptions.  Throughout the year, a clear and very stable increase in sales was noticeable in all three shopping malls. The analysis of the results shows increasing benefits for both our long-standing partners, who in recent months have decided to prolong their contracts and new brands which in 2019 debuted in Toruń, Kraków or Łódź.  This shows how big the purchasing potential of these malls is and how good is the reception  of the changes we have implemented both in the format of the shopping malls and in our offer” says Elwira Pyrkowska, Asset Manager Newbridge Poland.