Nowe Bielawy and Nowe Czyżyny with higher turnover than in 2019

Nowe Bielawy and Nowe Czyżyny with higher turnover than in 2019

  • On July 30, 2020
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The turnover per one customer was better than in the previous year in Nowe Czyżyny in Kraków and Nowe Bielawy in Toruń.

The growing number of visitors to Nowe Czyżyny and Nowe Bielawy has a positive effect on the sales results of the facilities. June was the first month since the lifting of the lockdown, in which Newbridge centres’ tenants recorded a significant increase in turnover per customer.

In Nowe Bielawy they increased by as much as 14.7 percent. compared to June 2019, and in Nowe Czyżyny by nearly 11 percent year on year. This is a clear signal that the situation at Newbridge convenience centres is stabilizing.

The revival of sales in Nowe Czyżyny and Nowe Bielawy is supported by several factors, including changing consumer moods, getting used to the new reality and sales.

Not without significance for the turnover was also the fact that already in June 100% of the offer of Newbridge centres was available to the clients. All the shops were open and stocked. Service points and restaurants were also open.

The convenience format of Newbridge centres, which are a safe shopping destination for local communities, is also important for the results.