Gift Cards Are Now Available in Czyżyny

Gift Cards Are Now Available in Czyżyny

  • On October 2, 2019
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Poles are buying more and more gifts that have missed the mark for such occasions as birthdays, holidays or weddings. The result? Auction sites are flooded with unwanted gifts. According to the website Allegro, holidays alone bring half a million auctions, where things show up that recipients want to get rid of.

Trying to get rid of a gift ends with disappointment. An unwanted gift can effectively spoil your birthday, name day or communion. What’s more, it can become a source of conflict among loved ones, as well as stress, especially for the person who bought the gift.

No wonder then that retailers are looking for ways to make gifts more versatile so they don’t offend anyone. Gift cards, which are becoming increasingly popular in Poland, come to the rescue here. And they are now available in CH Czyżyny.

A gift card is nothing more than a prepaid card, which can be topped up with any amount from 30 PLN to 1,000 PLN and then given as a gift for any occasion. A person who receives such a gift can go to the store and buy whatever they like.

The recipient has 12 months to make purchases, as that is how long the card is valid for.

Such a card, which is accepted today in shops, restaurants, cafes and service centers of the Czyżyna Shopping Centre, can be purchased online. Just go to and place your order. Online, we can also top up the card with any amount and also check the account balance. After ordering, the card is sent by post.