BIELAWY More Modern, 16 August, 2018

POLAND The first stage of the renovations taking place on the Bielawy shopping centre in Toruń, which is owned by Newbridge has just been completed.

The remodelling of the centre began in January. It has involved replacing the flooring and furnishings in the shopping arcade. A leisure zone with charging stations has been created and a partial reconstruction of the Carrefour hypermarket has also been carried out – a second entrance to the store has been created and a small restaurant area called ‘Smacznie’ has also been added. The next stage of the refurbishment will also involve the creation of an app. 90 sqm restaurant zone including a play area.


“The renovation of the interiors of CH Bielawy is aimed at giving the centre a warmer atmosphere and a more modern character. This is in response to the needs of our customers and the trend for modern interiors and well-laid out food courts to increase the attractiveness of shopping centres. We are following the latest market standards and expectations of shoppers and hope that we will meet them fully, and that the Bielawy shopping centre will appeal to all those who value the comfort of shopping in a friendly environment,” claims Marcin Żelazny, the director of the centre.

The design work for the PLN 2 mln refurbishment project has been prepared by the Tremend Studio Dekor and Marro design studios. Apsys Polska is the manager of the 24,000 sqm centre. The mall is located on ul. Olsztyńska in the Bielawy district in Toruń.